Well thought out skincare!

We haven’t just produced a skincare range for the sake of it. Each of our products have been devised and made for a reason – generally with someone in mind.

Our very first product was the Healing Balm, – formulated and made by Angela for one of her friends who was going through the most harshest of cancer treatments. The treatment made her skin very dry and tender to touch and she was told not to put anything on her skin with man-made fragrance in it. Angela’s friend used the balm to soothe her skin and Angela was told that it made her friend feel better for it.

Angela knows about the healing properties of beeswax. Beeswax is a biologically active product retaining anti-bacterial properties. It contains vitamin A, which is essential for human cell development . Throughout time, people have used it as an antiseptic and for healing wounds. It is also an excellent moisturiser and skin softener.

As a base for our balm, beeswax works brilliantly with a small amount of borage, calendula, chickweed and blackseed oils. These are all fantastic skin-healing and anti-bacterial ingredients. We also add natural essentail oils of Tea Tree, Rosemary and Lavender. The balm is a powerful skin treatment in a small pot.

We have had excellent results with it helping to clear eczema; very dry skin; as a barrier to wind (for walkers and cyclists); to prevent chafing for runners. It is also brilliant as on cuts, bruises and burns. Also, it will soothe skin ailments of pets. My dog had a patch of bare skin on his back which was very red. One application of the balm made the redness recede. It was also a deterrent to stop him licking the area (he probably didn’t like the taste!)

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