Praise Indeed

We attended the Waterloo Farmers market on Friday 12th September, where we regularly have a stall, to sell the full range of our Natural Skin Care products. A customer who had bought a balm from us at the last month’s market told us that it had worked wonders. In short, she had bought the balm for her daughter, who had developed a skin problem 6 years ago. It was confined to an area of her face, around her cheek.

The lady was despairing a little because she said that her daughter had ‘tried everything (and been prescribed drugs, from a doctor who said it could be rosacea or eczema) and that she was non the wiser as to how she could get rid of the problem.

We told her to try our balm. We know it has  helped to heal other peoples’ skin problems. We told the lady that the best way to see if there were to be any positive results, her daughter had to use it without all the other lotions and potions she had been prescribed. We recommended that she sought her own medical advice if she was going to stop taking prescribed medecines.

One month later, the lady was back at the next farmers market and she hastened over to us. She couldn’t waut to tell us that her daughter had been using our balm each day and her skin problem had almost cleared up. She was extremely grateful and kept pressing home the point that her daughter had tried everything, nothing had worked for her and she was so amazed that our balm had worked.

We had been confident of it’s healing powers all along.

The lady was eager to ask what else we would recommend for her daughter to use and our suggestion is always Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. On behalf of her daughter, she bought our trial pack of Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, Collagen Gel and Muslin Cloth.

We look forward to her coming back to see us at the October Farmers Market.




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