Natural Moringa Oil – from the Miracle Tree

Moringa-Oleifera-TreeThis is the story of how we came to use Moringa oil in our purely natural Night Repair Serum.

A couple of years ago I had the privilege of going the visit my friend in South East Africa.  She started a charity with her husband 27 years ago. This entailed building houses, starting projects and building a village for children who otherwise would have had no hope.  To say it was inspirational is an understatement.

Approximately 48 children now reside in beautiful homes with foster parents. They go to school and all in all the future looks rosy for them.

It was on a day that I was visiting the village (doing Reflexology, massage etc), that one of the parents took me to look at the gardens – each house has a plot. They grow lots of vegetables and are pretty much self sufficient.  She showed me a beautiful tree called the Moringa Tree end through the help of an interpreter explained that the Moringa Tree was in fact what they call the Miracle Tree, as every part is used for food, water purification and they used the oil for cooking with and on their skin, This lady had the most beautiful skin, as did all the ladies,

So with this in mind I thought why not incorporate this Miracle Oil in our products,and so the seed (no pun intended) was set. Needless to say our natural Night Repair Serum, (with Moringa Oil) has proved to be our most popular product.



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