How to look after your skin in cold weather

Maple leavesThe cold weather is starting to bite this week and with February – statistically the coldest month of the year – here, we give you our top tips to prepare your skin for the coming months:

1.           The chilly winds will dry and chafe your skin – making it feel like cardboard. Apply our balm to face and hands before you go out. It will form a protective, moisturising barrier.  While you are out braving the elements, the naturally active ingredients in the balm will gentle soak into the skin, making it feel smooth and nourished.

2.           Apply our lip balm about 20 minutes before applying your lipstick. This allows time for it to soak in, protecting your lips from the elements throughout the day, and gives you a slicker coat of colour.

3.           Be aware that central heating will dry you out just as the sun does, so keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Jazz it up by adding a slice of cucumber and a squeeze of fresh lemon to a glass of warm water – warm water is less of a shock to the digestive system than cold, and the lemon juice is super cleansing.

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