Natural Moringa Oil – from the Miracle Tree

Moringa-Oleifera-TreeThis is the story of how we came to use Moringa oil in our purely natural Night Repair Serum.

A couple of years ago I had the privilege of going the visit my friend in South East Africa.  She started a charity with her husband 27 years ago. This entailed building houses, starting projects and building a village for children who otherwise would have had no hope.  To say it was inspirational is an understatement.

Approximately 48 children now reside in beautiful homes with foster parents. They go to school and all in all the future looks rosy for them.

It was on a day that I was visiting the village (doing Reflexology, massage etc), that one of the parents took me to look at the gardens – each house has a plot. They grow lots of vegetables and are pretty much self sufficient.  She showed me a beautiful tree called the Moringa Tree end through the help of an interpreter explained that the Moringa Tree was in fact what they call the Miracle Tree, as every part is used for food, water purification and they used the oil for cooking with and on their skin, This lady had the most beautiful skin, as did all the ladies,

So with this in mind I thought why not incorporate this Miracle Oil in our products,and so the seed (no pun intended) was set. Needless to say our natural Night Repair Serum, (with Moringa Oil) has proved to be our most popular product.



Well thought out skincare!

We haven’t just produced a skincare range for the sake of it. Each of our products have been devised and made for a reason – generally with someone in mind.

Our very first product was the Healing Balm, – formulated and made by Angela for one of her friends who was going through the most harshest of cancer treatments. The treatment made her skin very dry and tender to touch and she was told not to put anything on her skin with man-made fragrance in it. Angela’s friend used the balm to soothe her skin and Angela was told that it made her friend feel better for it.

Angela knows about the healing properties of beeswax. Beeswax is a biologically active product retaining anti-bacterial properties. It contains vitamin A, which is essential for human cell development . Throughout time, people have used it as an antiseptic and for healing wounds. It is also an excellent moisturiser and skin softener.

As a base for our balm, beeswax works brilliantly with a small amount of borage, calendula, chickweed and blackseed oils. These are all fantastic skin-healing and anti-bacterial ingredients. We also add natural essentail oils of Tea Tree, Rosemary and Lavender. The balm is a powerful skin treatment in a small pot.

We have had excellent results with it helping to clear eczema; very dry skin; as a barrier to wind (for walkers and cyclists); to prevent chafing for runners. It is also brilliant as on cuts, bruises and burns. Also, it will soothe skin ailments of pets. My dog had a patch of bare skin on his back which was very red. One application of the balm made the redness recede. It was also a deterrent to stop him licking the area (he probably didn’t like the taste!)

Benefits of Using Natural Skincare Products

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skinUsing products that contain organic, botanically-based ingredients – including plant extracts and essential oils – is a healthy, earth-friendly way to nourish and protect your skin. See our Ingredients page for details.

Natural ingredients feature a host of surprising skin benefits. Many add hydration, protect the skin from damage and speed up healing. For example, Lavender essential oil speeds cell turnover to repair and replenish skin, especially following a burn or trauma. It can also benefit acne, small cuts or bruises, burns, fatigue and stress. We include Lavender in our balm and our floral body oil.

Another advantage of using our natural, plant based products is that they are cruelty – free. No animal-derived ingredients. More importantly none of our products (or the separate ingredients) have been tested on animals

How to look after your skin in cold weather

Maple leavesThe cold weather is starting to bite this week and with February – statistically the coldest month of the year – here, we give you our top tips to prepare your skin for the coming months:

1.           The chilly winds will dry and chafe your skin – making it feel like cardboard. Apply our balm to face and hands before you go out. It will form a protective, moisturising barrier.  While you are out braving the elements, the naturally active ingredients in the balm will gentle soak into the skin, making it feel smooth and nourished.

2.           Apply our lip balm about 20 minutes before applying your lipstick. This allows time for it to soak in, protecting your lips from the elements throughout the day, and gives you a slicker coat of colour.

3.           Be aware that central heating will dry you out just as the sun does, so keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Jazz it up by adding a slice of cucumber and a squeeze of fresh lemon to a glass of warm water – warm water is less of a shock to the digestive system than cold, and the lemon juice is super cleansing.

Why Natural Skincare?

Try it – switching from mainstream products to our all-natural skincare products means you eliminate many ingredients that can clog your pores and irritate your skin. Ingredients such as mineral oil, synthetic colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives are harsh and can do more damage to your skin, than good.  You are literally swapping from a cocktail of chemicals to an arsenal of vitamins and minerals.

Feed your skin with all the vitamin-rich goodness nature has to offer. Swapping petrochemicals like mineral oil and petroleum for nutrient-dense oils, butters and plant extracts not only to hydrate your skin but also to help repair damaged skin.