Benefits of Using Natural Skincare Products

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skinUsing products that contain organic, botanically-based ingredients – including plant extracts and essential oils – is a healthy, earth-friendly way to nourish and protect your skin. See our Ingredients page for details.

Natural ingredients feature a host of surprising skin benefits. Many add hydration, protect the skin from damage and speed up healing. For example, Lavender essential oil speeds cell turnover to repair and replenish skin, especially following a burn or trauma. It can also benefit acne, small cuts or bruises, burns, fatigue and stress. We include Lavender in our balm and our floral body oil.

Another advantage of using our natural, plant based products is that they are cruelty – free. No animal-derived ingredients. More importantly none of our products (or the separate ingredients) have been tested on animals

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