An unexpected use for our Balm

I like to go running and I decided to do a swift 6 miles today. It was hot and I hadn’t been able to run for almost a month because of injury. I was 3 miles from home, with 3 miles to go when the sole of my foot started to feel very sore. It felt like I was getting a blister. I remembered that I was carrying a small sample pot of our Rosemary and Tea Tree balm in my pocket – left over from the last long run I did, before my injury. I always carry some balm on long runs, especially when there is a group of us, because someone usually has a problem with chafing. There has been many a time when a dab of balm has soothed some redness on the skin of a log distance runner!

So, I found a park bench. Off came the running shoe and sock. I put copious amounts of the balm on my foot. Sock and shoe back on, then I got back on my merry way. There was still a few signs of the soreness as I started to run again, but after a few minutes, the discomfort had all but disappeared. Unlike petroleum-based products, such as vaseline, the balm has excellent healing qualities – it soothes the inflammation. It also acted as a slippery barrier between my skin and my sock. I ran the last 3 miles pain-free.

After a hot bath, I applied more balm – to both feet this time. My feet have smoother, softer skin. It is difficult to explain, but the softness doesn’t make them weak, it improves the elasticity, making them less prone to blister and chafing.

I would recommend using the balm of you are going to do any activity where there might be a chance of chafing of your skin. It certainly works for me.


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