How we got started

Angela & Lynn started O’Naturelle natural skin care products because we were dismayed with the claims of the skin care products being offered to us by so-called mainstream manufacturers. In our view, those manufacturers are meant to have the best interests of their customers at heart. In reality, the beauty business is all about generating massive profits and selling products with exaggerated claims of their efficacy.

There was also the issue of the harshness of most of the products being offered to us. We knew it wasn’t right that some products would make your skin feel dry or itchy or burn when you put them on, so we set out to make our own using gentle ingredients which had long-standing pedigrees and were guaranteed to be good for our skin. Ingredients such as Lavender, Rose, Tea Tree, Moringa Oil, Evening Primrose and Rosehip.

Angela has a background in holistic therapies and Lynn is concerned about the ethical  issues surrounding the skin care industry. We are both passionate about making and using products with natural ingredients. No animal-derived ingredients, no harsh chemicals, no parabens or sulphates.

While researching ingredients, we have come across some horror stories regarding what goes into making some mainstream skin care products. For example, where a face cream purports to offer a ‘facelift in a jar’, it probably has an ingredient similar to or related to Botox, i.e. a muscle relaxant. We also came across a ‘wonder ingredient’ in a high street face cream which was a drug, originally developed to treat epilepsy.

We have developed each of our products using a lot of research and thought.

Our combined knowledge gives us the ability to provide products to which we will never give dishonest claims, but which will give you a natural, holistic skin care treatment. They are suitable for all skin types.

We hope that you will try our products and enjoy the many benefits! All of our customers love our natural skin care products so much that they come back for more. Our products are made with love and we hope that you will give them a try xx